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Are you somebody who is constantly worried about things? Are you not enjoying life lately? Do you want to live your life to the fullest? Do the above questions sound familiar? If the answer to that question is yes, then don’t be surprised to note that you are not the only one who is pondering on those questions. Since we are living in a fast paced world today, we are all hunting for ways to make our lives better. We seem to be trying to find out better methods to make full use of our lives. When you see your neighbor or friend driving a high end car or living in a luxurious house, you too wished that you drove a high end car or owned a luxurious house. Maybe you wish you would be free from the pain caused by arthritis, joint pain or inflammation. Continue reading

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Can Stress Cause Bladder Infection?

If you are wondering, “Can stress cause bladder infection problems?” the answer is yes. If you are undergoing a great deal of stress, the first thing you need to do is determine whether or not you actually have a bladder infection, though.

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When you first have a bladder infection, you will feel pain when you urinate, either inside your bladder or in the urethra, which is the point where urine leaves your body. The pain is generally associated with the urination, and it feels like a burning sensation. You may also notice that you must urinate more often and that you have less time between the initial urge and when you absolutely have to find a toilet. When the infection is severe, you are likely to see some blood mixed with your urine or feel some pain above your kidneys, in the center of your back. The only way to positively identify a bladder infection, though, is to have your doctor run a test on your urine for certain bacteria.

Stress is not the only cause for bladder infections, though. Stress does cause bladder infections because it makes your vital force more susceptible to infection. It also leads many to eat a lot of sugary foods, especially when they are tired. This makes you more susceptible, because sugar hinders your immune system and propagates the growth of bacteria. Another cause, though, is sex with a new partner who also has an infection. A final cause is keeping yourself from going to the bathroom when you need to.

The good news is that bladder infections are fairly rare. If you find that yours are recurring, it is a good idea to talk to a doctor who specializes in homeopathic care, because the remedies that she prescribes are more likely to break the cycle of bladder infection.

If you wonder, “Can stress cause bladder infection?” you need to consider how you respond to the stress in your life. Some people have healthy responses, by and large, heading to the gym or out for a run to get that stress worked out. Other people, though, turn to consuming alcohol or eating more carbohydrates to feel better. These are responses that lead to conditions in the body that foster bacteria.

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There are some natural alternatives to the problem of bladder infections. Antibiotics are one course that can solve the problem for you. However, if you find that antibiotics are not breaking the cycle or if you are allergic to some of them, you can turn to a healthy diet or some homeopathic remedies. These are another way to attack the infection while avoiding the yeast infections that are a common occurrence with antibiotics.

Can stress cause bladder infection? Absolutely, however, another simple change you can make is to drink as much water as possible, up to three liters a day. This literally forces the bad bacteria out of your system. Follow it up with cranberry capsules or cranberry concentrate diluted in water. This is a natural solution that will help your body break the bladder infection cycle.

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Is That Bee Pollen You Are Buying Actually Flower Pollen?

Many people today buy bee pollen because of the many health benefits of this nutritionally rich food. However, in some cases these people are not purchasing or taking bee pollen at all but, rather flower pollen.

While the pollen from flowers is an important ingredient in making up bee pollen, this pollen by itself does not have any real health benefits.  Therefore you need to be aware of where that pollen comes from to determine which kind of pollen is actually in the dietary supplement you are taking.

The Difference Between The Two Types Of Pollen

Flower pollen is a fine dust from the male flower that is gathered on the legs of honey bees as they travel from flower to flower.  Some bee keepers place special screens on the outside of hives that brushes this pollen from the bees’ legs.

These flower dust particles then fall into a special tray or drawer. Some bee keepers sell this as bee pollen because it is gathered by the bees.  However, this is not true bee pollen as it is not yet actually processed by the bees.

True bee pollen is made within the hive where the “house” bees remove the flower dust or pollen from the legs of the worker bees.  This dust is then mixed with bee saliva and nectar which is a process that adds enzymes to the pollen turning it from simply flower dust to actual bee pollen.  This pollen is encased in hard shell and it is what the bees themselves eat.

Knowing Where The “Pollen” Comes From

The only way to truly know if you are getting flower or bee pollen is to contact the manufacturers of the brands of supplements you are interested in or visit their website and see what they tell you about how they harvest their pollen.

If they use screens on the outside of the hive then their supplement is not true bee pollen but, simply the dust or pollen gathered from the flowers before any processing takes place.

This is truly important as there have been no claims of flower pollen ever increasing energy, giving you shining hair, decreasing or increasing your appetite or helping improve your immune system.

In fact, some people have a strong allergic reaction to pollen from flowers, whereas real bee pollen may actually help to reduce seasonal allergic reactions to the pollen in the air.

Being able to distinguish supplement ingredients as bee pollen or flower pollen will help you ensure that you are getting all the health benefits you expect.

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